Fabulous Necklace……….Antique Agate Carved Arrow made new with 14KT Gold Necklace

and 14 KT Rope Fittings…………….

Banded Agate Arrow measures   2 7/8 ”  x   3/8″ wide.

Handmade 14 karat yellow gold rope design bail and accent.

Necklace measures  20 ” in length.

Diamond-Cut tight-curb chain measures  1.05 mm. wide.

Stamped on clasp  “585”

Stamped on chain tag ” 14K ”

Necklace weighs  8.30 grams.

**The arrow as a symbol is multifaceted. It represents direction, force, movement, power, and a sense of swift, focused intent. On a deeper level, the arrow can symbolize light cutting through darkness, representing clarity, truth, and purpose. It is a symbol that communicates an understanding of journeying forward in life, even in the face of adversity. It is a spiritual compass, guiding the way towards growth, transformation, and enlightenment.

(From Spirituality Shepherd)