14 Kt yellow gold   3.00 m.m. wide “Rolo” Style  Chain Necklace with Large Toggle and ring enclosurer.

Dropping off the ring are Three Vintage charms.

One 14 Kt yellow gold  Heart  measuring  ¾’’  in width.

One Red Coral Charm  measures  1 ½’’   in length.

One Vintage Ebony Hand with Charm Bracelet and “Drum” Cap  measures  1  1/8’ ’ in length.

All other components of the necklace are new.

Necklace weighs   31.30 grams in total.

Necklace measures  18’’ in length, with a  2 ½’’ dangle.

Stamped   “14K”  with S & K Logo Tag.

Love mixing new with old.