Three strands of round Persian turquoise Buri Root and Betelnut bead necklace.

The Buri Root and Betelnut beads are both from the Philippines.

The Buri Root are oval shaped and measure each approximately 12.00 x 7.00 m.m.

The saucer shaped Betelnut beads measure approx 10.00 m.m. in diameter.

The Persian Turquoise measure 7.00 m.m. each, and are a beautiful robin’s egg color.

NecklaceĀ is 18” in length.

The necklace has a 14 Kt yellow gold “tube” clasp.

Ten 14 Kt yellow gold rondel beads measuring 6.00 m.m. each.

Twist the strands or let them be loose.

Love the colors!

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