Beautiful example of ruby glass vase.

Vase measures  13″ tall  (glass & base)

Tapered Glass measures  10″ height  x   4 1/2 ” in diameter on top.

Silver Plated square shape base measures  7 ” in height  x  3′”x 3″ base.

Glass is a rich ruby color and is perfect, no chips, cracks, etc.

The base is decorated with leafs on the base, swag around the top rim and engine turn design engraving.

Could not find any marker’s marks, but it is engraved underneath base ” 6674-4 H “, which is a silversmith’s mark.  This makes us to believe, the base was at one point, was re-silver plated.

Wear commensurate with age and use.

Circa: Early part of 20th Century