Victorian Gutta-Percha Mourning Necklace.

The chain-  “Gucci” link style (makes you think-that’s where they got it from)

measures   3/4 ”  x  5/8 “.

The pear shape “pie crust” style Pendant measures   2  1/2″  x  1  1/2 ” wide.

Pendant is carved with a flower bouquet in center.

Necklace measures  20 ” in length.

Necklace is in very good condition.

Metal hook clasp and pendant ring.

Circa:  1850 – 1870

Wear commensurate with age and use.


Gutta-percha is a tree of the genus Palaquium in the family Sapotaceae. The name also refers to the rigid, naturally biologically inert, resilient, electrically nonconductive, thermoplastic latex derived from the tree, particularly from Palaquium gutta; it is a polymer of isoprene which forms a rubber-like elastomer.

The word “gutta-percha” comes from the plant’s name in Malay: getah translates as “latex” and percha (perca) means “scrap” or “rag”.  In the mid-19th century, gutta-percha was used to ed to make “mourning” jewelry, because it was dark in color and could be easily molded into beads or other shapes.(Wikipedia)