Early Victorian 14 karat yellow gold Watch Fob with Moonstone.

Beautiful old patina on the hand made rope & rounded horn and flower surrounding the moonstone.

Fob measures   1  3/8 ” wide  x   3/8″ – 1/8″ in diameter.

Fob measures  5/8 ” from the top of the ring to bottom of the horn.

Moonstone measures  5.00 m.m. in diameter.

Fob weights  4.42 grams.

Beautiful condition.

Circa:  1860 – 1880

Wear commensurate with age and use.

**short ribbon or chain attached to a watch and hanging out of the pocket in which the watch is kept; the term can also refer to ornaments hung at the end of such a ribbon or chain. Until World War I and the development of the wristwatch, most watches designed for men had to be carried in the pocket