This uniquely-designed Sterling Silver Necklace is a beautiful illustration of different shapes working together.

The 17” Snake Chain slides though a double-spoked Pendant, which has a Topaz hung from a barrel-shaped finish tube in the center of the spokes.

The larger Pendant has a textured finished Bar with a Topaz at each end.

Under the bar is an attached round piece with smooth and textured finishes and a white pearl in the center.

The Topaz Bar swings in the center of and above the round piece.

The clasp shows a 925 stamp.

Emerald Cut Smokey Topaz measures 7.50 x 5.50 m.m.
Two Round shape garnet Cabochons measuring 4.00 m.m. each.

The 1/2 Pearl measures 6.00 m.m.
Necklace weighs 17.10 grams total
Condition: New