Old World Europe………

Lot of Detail, but not over the top……….

Three (3)  800 Silver   3-Light Candelabras.

Each candelabra measures    7  1/2 ” Height  x   11 ” wide.

Each piece weighs   565.00 (avg) grams.

Total gram weight approx   1695.00 grams.

The candelabras are not weighted, meaning they do not have cement, etc..to make them heavier . they are hollow inside, but still have weight.

The wax catchers underneath measure  2 3/4 ” in diameter.

Each candelabra is stamped on the candle-holders,the wax catchers and the bottom ” 800    3  PA”.

Under the bottom of the piece is a silversmiths repair mark.

There are a few repairs that where done, but you have to really look for them.

These would be very expensive to make today…

What a table this would make!!

Made in Europe, probably Italy.

Circa:  Mid-20th Century

Wear Commensurate with age and use