Na Zdorovya”Vodka Shot Glasses, Set of 4. This is a beautiful multi-color crystal set.
Each Glass has a unique design, different color and has Faberge’ etched signature at the top of each glass.

“Na zdorovya” means ” To your health” in Russian. It is traditional toast said daily for centuries at millions of Russian households.

This stunning four pieces set comes packaged in an elegant Faberge’ blue velvet presentation case.
From the early 18th century until the revolution, the Russian aristocracy enjoyed a style of living unparalleled in its luxury and opulence. Peter Carl Fabergé was the most coveted creator of exquisite and extravagant objects for the Tsar and Tsarina of the Russian empire. Enjoy your vodka from these unique crystal glasses.

*Estate (Never used)
*Size: each glass is approx 1.75″ Diam. X 2.6″H.
*S&K Ltd. was a Distributor of Faberge’.