Beautiful to wear …………………….

38″ Keshi Baroque Pearl Necklace with Seven (7) Pearls Gold Plated.

Long enough to wear doubled .

Great rose and gray luster .

Pearls are a pink, mauve and light lilac color.

The pearls measure (avg.)   8.00 m.m. each and the gold plated pearls measure 10.00 m.m. each.


Keshi pearls are a gorgeous by-product of the pearl culturing process. Not strictly considered “cultured pearls” by industry standards though because they are unintentional products, not actual nucleated pearls.


Basically what happens with a keshi pearl is that the technician nucleates the pearl-bearing mollusk (this happens with both saltwater pearl oysters and Freshwater pearl mussels), and while the pearl is forming, a small piece of it breaks off within the body of the mollusk. The broken-off piece also irritates the mollusk into forming a pearl sac, and begin smoothing over the irritant with pearl nacre, creating an accidental pearl!
Keshi pearls are solid-nacre, usually small in size and usually highly lustrous, and come in every cultured pearl type: Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater and South Seas!
They have become highly collectible pearls in their own right due to their unique shapes and high rate of iridescence.