14 karat yellow gold “Forget-me-not” necklace.

Round Wreath style- curvy bottom center of- for got me not flowers with Enamel and pearl.

Flat Oval shape Diamond-cut chain with lobster style clasp.

Chain measures  1.20 m.m. in width.

Light Blue  and Yellow Enamel on flowers.

Seven (7) White Round Cultured Pearls measuring  2.50 m.m. each.

Necklace measures   16 3/4 ” in length.

Stamped on chain tag  ” 14Kt  Italy”.

Necklace weighs  6.30 grams.

The center piece was a for-get-me-not pin, circa mid 20th center, converted to a necklace.

Pris-tee condition, love it as a necklace with new chain from Italy.